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Governor Jonathan Trumbull

Governor Jonathan Trumbull (1710 – 1785) was Connecticut’s patriot governor and the only colonial governor to support the American Revolution.

The Governor Jonathan Trumbull House

The house was built between 1735 and 1740 by Captain Joseph Trumbull, Governor Trumbull’s father.

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“Sir,—The attention of the enemy appears of late to be much turned upon this State. We have for some time been repeatedly advised of it; we now realize it. A few days since they landed at Fairfield, to the number of near three thousand and made a forced march to Danbury, about twenty-two miles, ….”

A letter from Gov. Jonathan Trumbull, dated May 4 1777, announced the Danbury Raid to General George Washington. During the raid, the British army destroyed the supplies stored in Danbury for Washington's army. Much of the food, tents and munitions were supplied by Governor Jonathan Trumbull over the course of the war. The Danbury Raid and subsequent Battle of Ridgefield were the only inland attacks by the British in Connecticut during the Revolutionary War.